SIMFEST – 2019 opens its doors to the sixteenth edition.

It is the most important media production festival in Romania. Over the past 16 years we’ve valued the courage to stand in front of a rigorous public and every time we have launched new challenges to which we have received daring feedback.

We have gathered around us and awarded TV personalities, artists, filmmakers, and directors from all around the world. For some, it was the first confirmation of their talent and professional values. Others have joined us as an acknowledgement of the high standards we impose. We’ve valued the ambition and confidence of those who had the courage to stand in front of the most rigorous public. We started our journey as a TV festival and we’ve became a media school. We’ve gathered around us the TV and film elite. We’ve discovered talented people and we’ve rewarded determination, creativity, and their energy. We’ve always strived for better.

From year to year, hundreds of talented young people have learned the art of communication, management, and cinematic techniques from the most important TV personalities and influencers within the workshops and master-classes at SIMFEST. We’ve put one of the most beautiful cities in Romania – Tirgu-Mures – on the map of international TV festivals.

16 years of work, hopes, and confidence have given birth to and have established a Romanian brand recognized in the whole world, and a notorious destination for the multimedia maker community.

Apply to the competition and come to Tirgu-Mures in august to get the award you deserve! Or come even to meet great professionals and learn from them.